2008 came and went quickly, leaving with it enough memories for a lifetime. Below is a brief look into the moments that made 2008 amazing.
2008 Year in Photos
Lindy, Mike & Seng come to visit and ski Hood
Wallowas Backcountry Sled-necking!
Jim & his Deer Friends during my 33rd B-day
More Deer in the Wallowas
Camping on the Deschutes in February
New Intense Slopestyle
Visiting Delancey Street
Lunch with Bearskin at Eulogy
Tom Sandwich!
Riding the McKenzie River Trail
Coopers first bonfire
Coopers first weekend in Hood River
Dad, Jason and I chilling at Goose Lake
The Family at Punch Bowl Falls
Cooper passed out
Ashman Learns to Kayak
Ashman learning to eskimo roll
The sturgeon fishing crew
Davi-t taking a turn
Landed! Giant sturgeon
The audience for our wedding at the Crag Rat hut
April being escorted by her Dad
My bride!
Ring time
Husband and wife!
My new family
My Dad and Teddy congratulating us
Aprils new family
Ashman after one too many scorpion bowls!
Joy and April at Jacks
Abe and Nicole
Jim and Erin
Kate and Brett
Andrea and Karl
Shocker at dinner!
DJ Dropkick in full effect!
Gary in his normal pose
Things got a little out of hand late night at our wedding
Ronny, Glauser, Ashman, Uncle Gary and I
Enjoying a Rainier at Mount Rainier
Yes, I am that strong!
April in Rainier National Park
Enjoying some wine and a view
Gray Jay meets Clif Bar (click the Movie nav at the top of the page for a video)
Rainier National Park
Cooper at Cannon Beach
Sturgeon Bait!
Throwing washers in the front yard
Lumpys Local
Winning at rouletteĶagain
Yes, this man will kill you
Jack-ass Abe
Camping at Opal Creek
Opal Creek
Cooper is a Flyers fan!
Serb during his 3rd visit
Trout Lake kayaking and tubing
This will be all of us one day
Breakfast in the hot tub with Michael Chen
No year is complete without a waterfall shot
Mount Jefferson
I dare anyone to try and balance that many Jenga blocks on a base that small!
Cooper Thanksgiving morning at the cabin
Cooper on the stairs
Snow Kayaking!
Early season POW
Our house this winter
Skiing on New Years Eve at Ski Bowl